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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Chakra dance

The fact that I have decided to branch off from the work at the journey of the slim soul does not mean I am off my journey of the slim soul. It just means that I am no longer training people to be slim soul coaches at this point in time, despite this having been a tremendously rewarding journey.

It does not mean I don't want to sell my books. In fact, I have just reviewed my pricing strategy: I am now selling the book as a stand alone product instead of selling it together with the CD. This makes my work a lot more affordable and accessible. Also, I am planning on launching a kindle version of the book and writing a sequel sometimes this year.

As for my own journey, I have been reminded how important it is to keep fit when you spend long hours at a desk writing. And for this reason, I decided to try another form of exercise: chakra dancing. Some of you already know how much I favour intuitive forms of exercise. I am a big fan of running (as I run outdoors it enables me to connect with nature and the seasons). I have loved Nia in my days. Unfortunately, the NIA class I was attending last year was too far away from me and I couldn't continue to spend one hour on the road just for a class. And this is how I got to discover my chakra dance class: there was one that opened right down in my village hall.

Chakra dance is a form of dancing that does not require any particular ability in dancing. You don't need to know anything about chakras. You don't need to be spiritual. It does not require any specific level of fitness. It can be as physical as you want it to be, or not, as the case maybe. And for those of you who are body self conscious: as it is done with your eyes closed, no one is going to see if you make a fool of yourself. And believe me that is liberating.

Up until now, I loved the concept intellectually but had not actually tried it so it remained a concept. Last night changed it all. And here is how I would describe my experience of the chakra dance and why I have become a big fan. It starts with a very short meditation, followed by between half an hour and an hour of free style dancing to a music which is designed to work on each chakra respectively, starting with the base and moving to the crown.

The very first aspect that I loved about the chakra dance is the music. It is intoxicating. I would liken it slightly with belly dancing music. I do have a bias though. I love belly dancing. But the music evolves as the dance moves up the chakras so it would be limiting to compare it to anything.

The second aspect that got me off my feet (literally and metaphorically) is that, due to the fact that it is done with your eyes closed, it gives you incredible freedom to be YOU, and no one else but you.

The third aspect that won me over is that it can be as physical as you want it to be. Last night, I gave myself the best bums and tums workout in a long time (since my laughter yoga adventure) and I came home feeling great. I can really see this as a great way to improve my fitness and to give me that edge as a runner.

The fourth aspect is that since you decide what you do and let your body follow the music and create movement intuitively: it has got to be the best workout FOR YOU. And for the first time, I discovered what it was to actually exercised completely as I wished. And no: it didn't end up in me sitting down on a cushion and waiting for the class to go by. I was actively participating and my body was loving it.

I am such a big adept of listening to your body that chakra dance has got to be the winner of all forms of dances and classes that I have tried so far. If you can't find a class near you, consider training as a facilitator or purchase one of their CDs.

To your fitness,

Ange de Lumiere

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