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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Branching off

After putting ridiculous pressure on myself to run a half marathon last September and then collapsing in a heap of nothing, I have decided to embrace the fact that I am on a journey and not a race. Luckily my body is wiser than me and it decided to stop me dead on my tracks by manifesting a condition called plantar fasciitis in July 2013, which very effectively grounded me, as I was barely able to walk, let alone run. My body is definitely the wiser of us two.

I have not given up on my journey, nor on running. In fact, I have now managed to up my running to twice a week. And to be able to do that only six months after being diagnosed with plantar fasciitis is really good.

I have just taken a hint that I need to go with the flow and not try to push a river. That is a very important lesson. It's not like I am an adept of a quick and easy fix. This is precisely why I wrote the journey of the slim soul. To show people that diets don't work. Fast and furious doesn't work, but I am passionate and so occasionally, in fact, more often than not, I get carried away and forget that it is a journey. Duh.

Right now, I am busying myself with another venture which I feel equally as passionate about: helping budding writers get started.

I have called my work "I can make you write"and I am really excited to launch my one day workshop in a couple of weeks for all of you lovely people who might not know where to start or who might have found yourselves blocked on your own journey and need a little nudge. You might want to write about your own slimming journey, your life as a parent, your travel memories. Whatever. Most people have a lot more to say and share than they give themselves credit for.

My one day workshop that will leave you:
  • more confident about writing (plenty of practice)
  • with tools to avoid the most common writing pitfalls
  • with the seven golden rules of writing
  • with an understanding of how to manage your inner critic (always a good one for a writer)
  • with effective tools to deal with your fears and insecurities
  • with a strategy to identify your reader
  • an understanding of the writing process
You can read more about it on my website. I also have a Facebook page where I share insights and useful information: I can make you write

You can sign up for the workshop on my website in the online shop.

My book is still available for sale. That has not changed. And I will still blog about my slimming journey because I have just gone back on it. In fact, I plan to write a sequel to the Journey of the Slim Soul called "the Return of the Journey of the Slim Soul" in honour to the Pink Panther which I adore. 

To your creativity,

Ange de Lumiere

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