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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Prayers for the Boston marathon runners

I am grieving. I am sad. I am in turmoil. The events that just happened at the Boston Marathon have hit me straight to the heart. I send love and healing to all those affected directly or indirectly by this event.

I am grieving as a runner. I am grieving as a mother. I am grieving as a peacemaker. Because I know that when horror hits at the core of innocence, then the temptation to tip into hate and fear and a desire for "justice" which is a mask for vengeance, is huge. I am grieving also because I have been hit close to home during the bombings that happened in the nineties in Paris and I actually escaped death by a few minutes so I know what it's like to feel threatened in your sense of security very close to home. 

And event like this can create feelings in us like:

- fear for our safety
- reinforce a possible belief that there is evil on the planet
- tip us into thinking that there needs to be justice or vengeance or both
- create a "us" and "them" world where there is a goody and a baddy and all our energies are focused on punishment
- tip us into choosing a race or religion that will carry the "responsibility" for the heinous crime (when in reality there are only individuals and no group of human beings should be thrown into the bag of hatred under ANY excuse)
- irrational feelings (albeit justified) that makes us more prone to manipulation from governments or people who have an agenda.

All of you have my prayers. But my prayers is for an open heart and for forgiveness.

There is no point pretending you are not tipped into fear when something like this happens. There is no point pretending there is no pain. So I want to invite you into a practice that I learnt from Linda Howe in her wonderful book "Healing in the Akashic Records" which is the practice of acceptance.

Start with saying "Of course": Of course we are outraged. Of course it hurts. Of course we are angry and we want to separate ourselves from the people who have perpetrated this heinous crime. And we need to forgive ourselves for those feelings. Trying to be positive when you can't is counterproductive because it sweeps those emotions under the carpet and stores them into your body and energy field.

My invitation, however is to embrace them fully with the "of course practice" but not let them active in your psyche for too long. Embrace them fully and then release them. Because if you hold onto them, whether you have been hurt, someone you love has been hurt or even died, you live in Boston... or live in America, or are a runner... or a mother... or a father, or like me a citizen of the world. Everyone can hurt and should hurt. There is no one that shouldn't be touched by what happened.

Take a piece of paper and write down everything that you feel. Pour your heart out. Even the ugly thoughts. The ones you wouldn't want anyone else to read. Then burn the piece of paper whilst saying to yourself, I release this energy into the Universe and ask the angels and the fire to purify them.

Once you have done that then if you can, focus on the light. Worrying about people or feeling horrible for them will not help them. Pity is a horrible energy to project onto anyone. Believe me, as an energy worker: I see the yuckiness of it. Instead send love and support. I know that the people involved in this strategy are incredibly courageous to have been at that particular spot on the planet at that moment in time and they need all my admiration and my strength to carry on. For those that have gone back to the creator, I send a bridge of light to help them in their transition. And this goes for anyone who has been affected directly or indirectly by this event.

Can I also invite you not to let yourself be dragged into the constant non stop flow of negativity that the media are going to rehearse. They think people want to hear about it, watch the video and all that jazz. This appeals to the lowest of our instinct: the morbid curiosity. All it does is created more pain. It doesn't help the situation. If anything those who have an agenda to start wars or agendas to sell weapons or anything else from insurance to house protection will ride on the wave of this terrible event, whether you believe me or not. This is the way our society works. But we have seen with 9/11 and the Tsumani that there is another part of us that opens to compassion and to love and that extends a helping hand to total strangers. This is the place in your heart that I want you to reach for.

If I tapped into the Akashic Records of the Boston Marathon I would be able to see the bigger picture of why this happened. At this point I won't. I can already see that this is an invitation to love. These things will keep on happening as long as we still have hate in our hearts. Hate for a family member (which sometimes hides under resentment), a neighbour... someone with a different skin colour or another religion. We all have some work to do. What are you waiting for? Explore your areas of darkness and bring the light in.

I am here to hold the space for you.

Blessings of love and light