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Friday, 29 March 2013

Listening to my body

Day 7 of my detox: Update on my progress.

I have had a massive migraine on day 1 and 2. It was so huge that at the end of day 2, I reached out for my migraine medication. There is only so much pain one can put up with. I am refusing to judge myself for it. In the detox group I joined, I saw a lot of people say "keep with it, it will go away" or "just go to bed". I hear their advice, but at the end of the day: it's me and my body. My body said: that's enough.

I welcomed that migraine, however, because it helped me to understand its cause. I have had migraines since the age of 12 (same age I started my periods). I could say: it runs in the family, as my mother, aunt and brother also suffer from migraines, but I am an energy worker and I know better about the link between the body and the mind. As I asked my body why it was manifesting those migraines and it said to me "Unthinkable".

It all made sense. I have been subject to the unthinkable. I was abused by people who were very close to me from when I was wearing nappies and it was such a betrayal that the cells of my body have decided to express that trauma through migraines. I am hoping that now that I have listened to my body, it can express it differently. In fact, this revelation enabled me to affirm for myself "I release the need to express the unthinkable through the excruciating pain of migraines". They say that detoxes bring a lot of emotional stuff to the surface and I have to say I agree. That shouldn't put you off doing one, by all means. Be brave. The healing process takes courage but it is so worth it.

And today, on day 7, I have a cold. A full blown cold with a running nose, itchy ears and a painful throat. I am so proud of myself: for a whole week, I lived on juices, smoothies, salads and nuts. Even better, my mind didn't create havoc by telling me it was not possible to do that and not be hungry at the same time.

Despite this great achievement, I decided tonight to stop my detox. Most people will tell you that the first four days of a detox are the hardest and that after that you feel great. At day 7, I still feel miserable as I now have a cold. I had to listen to my body and ask it: is this good for you? And it said to me "not the right time". There is a combination of things but I think being an energy sensitive, this year's combination of the equinox energies so close to the full moon and to Easter made me very vulnerable. The tipping point, however, was the outside temperature: here in the South West of England, we have had temperatures below 0 Celsius (freezing temperature) and that is highly unusual. My body was struggling to cope with the cold as well as coping with the detox, so I had to make the choice of seemingly giving up.

I have not given up. I have not failed. In fact, I am a victor because me and my body are in harmony. We work as a team. It is so important on your journey to a healthier you to learn to listen to your body, whether you are starting an exercise programme, a new healthier eating habit... or anything else. I cannot emphasise enough how important to see what works for you. I already knew detoxes right after Christmas do not work for me. Now I know that detoxes on the equinox, when the weather is freezing, does not work either. I will get back to my wonderful raw food detox when the weather warms up and when the sun shines more. Not enough vitamin D and warmth for me to survive on salads.

Blessings of light



  1. Thanks for sharing with us, Ange. I love to see you being gentle with yourself and so honest with us. Timing is so important with cleanses. May you feel better soon and may both of us cease having migraines one day soon!

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment, Mary. I would like everyone to learn the gentleness towards self... I always walk the talk so I start with me. It goes against most of what I have been taught but does that really matter? Self- love is a revolution - Linda Bacon