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Thursday, 21 March 2013

I haven't run in a few weeks. The reason is, I was exhausted. My little girl has changed her sleeping patterns again and I am left inching my way through the days feeling sluggish and tired. No amount of napping can "repair" the lack of sleep at night and the shortened nights.

What has helped however, is some homeopathic remedies that Sarah Johnson-Knight has sent me to help with the feeling of despair. Little miss is now nearly two years old and it's been a drag. I have been doing the nights on my own, as with my other three children and sleep deprivation is hard.

Not to worry though, the beauty of the journey of the slim soul is that you can always work on some angle. I don't use food as a crutch. I have started in the past six months to eat healthily again. I cook meals again. It's one little step at a time.

And now, in the midst of this beautiful Spring Equinox, I am about to start a smoothie and juice detox. The first step was to get into the mood of starting a detox. I find it takes a few day for my "inner critic" or as I prefer to call it "monkey mind" to calm down and accept the fact that I am going to do it. What it does, however, and I have to laugh at it, is push me to reach for crisps - which normally I don't really care about. Oh, don't get me started on the monkey mind: it's a character. It is super clever at sabotaging anything good you want to do for yourself. Luckily, I have devised a way to engage it. I talk about it in my book: start a dialogue with it. It's only scared and it wants to make sure you don't make a fool of yourself. It rehearses all the criticism and silly arguments against taking risks and trying something new.

I have already started brushing up my eating in the past few weeks. I cannot and will not recommend launching into a detox without listening to one's body and my body was telling me to ease off the wine first, then the coffee. And that is what I have been doing for the past few weeks. It has also asked me to eat wholemeal bread with organic butter, marmite and houmous every morning and to replace my nut coffee by a hot lemon. I can already feel a difference in my energy levels.

I ordered a juicer-masticater... it's an investment in my health. I much rather would pay less for a holiday and use the money for that than fly to an exotic destination (at the moment I still have to chose, but I am in the manifesting game so soon, that won't be an issue anymore). My health is my investment in my self. My body is my temple.

I have also done a couple of weeks of green smoothies. I used to do green smoothies by just adding a couple of greens such as spinach or herbs to a fruit smoothie but I found recently that mixing a third of celery, a third of cucumber and a third of spinach with some organic pressed apple juice is just fantastic. It must taste good because little miss, at two years old, always asks for my drink. We call it the Shrek juice.

Anyway, must go. Will be blogging about my detox in the days to come.

Blessings of energy and light


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