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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Barefoot half marathon

It's official. I am mad. Most of my friends know that already. I guess now it's reaching a wider circle. I have decided to run a barefoot half marathon this coming September. Not only that, I am not afraid to talk about it. I have never run one before, but I saw myself running one and this is what I am going to prepare for.

I am not doing it for any particular reason other than the sheer joy of it. And I think that is the reason why I am going to succeed.

No, I am not doing it to slim. That would be the wrong reason. I am doing it because I love running and it's great to set oneself some targets.

I want to raise money whilst doing it. I have just not decided yet what cause for. My heart hesitates between two causes: the Penny Brohn Cancer Care, a wonderful holistic centre that supports people living with cancer or the PDSA. I still have a couple of months to decide. I am little concerned that running for the Penny Brohn Cancer Care might bring some painful feelings related to the death of my three favourite aunts in the past three years so I think I might chose the PDSA instead. It would fit quite well with the fact that I am currently studying to be a pet whisperer with the wonderful Sarah-Jane Le Blanc. I would prefer to help animals in the wild though. I will check if the WWF or the WildLife Fund sponsor the Bristol Half Marathon. I'll keep you posted. I was so sad to learn that the Bristol zoo male lion, Kamal, died a few months back. I had talked to him and his mate for years, apologising for the human race which forced them to live in cages to survive. As one of my Facebook contact said: he can now run freely in the jungle whenever he wants. R.I.P. His companion, Shiva, was so sad. I send her plenty of reiki hugs and told her I was sure that the Zoo was going to find her a new mate. In a matter of months she lost both her cubs that were shipped to other Zoos and her mate. Apparently she was French and he was English, which made soul man smile when she came first to replace Kamal's previous mate.

In the meantime I am just excited about running. I managed to dissolve one of the resistances I had to run with shoes. It was silly really. Due to the fact that I had been running barefoot for months up to the autumn, I resented having to put my shoes back on when the weather became too cold. My stubborn nature led me to refuse to run unless I had the freedom of my naked feet. Until I realised it wasn't the right part of me that was putting the stops but probably my inner saboteur. I have a particularly strong one. She is just so stubborn and so persuasive. Sometimes she even manages to convince me that she actually has a good point. And this time, she nearly did. She was saying that unless I ran barefoot, it was not worth running at all. The more intelligent me knew this was a trick and yet it took me a few months to jump over the hurdle that my inner critic (I also like to call her the monkey) had created.

The way I usually bypass her is by just not listening to her voice in my head and just doing things spontaneously without any pre-intent. And that's exactly how I did it: I put my shoes and running gear on and declared with bravado that I was going for a run and went out the door before my monkey mind could convince me otherwise.

It was bitterly cold and windy. I pushed through the wind. I feared a little having pain in my ears as they can be quite delicate so I got the earmuffs out and put my hoody on top for extra padding. The biggest surprise was that the coldest part of my body was my lungs. Ha ha. I was caught unprepared. The air was so cold that I felt I was freezing from the mere act of breathing.

After my run, I coughed and coughed for a good half an hour. I wasn't worried but found great comfort in soul man telling me that he experienced the same thing after going for a run after the Christmas holidays. It seems that running clears the lungs of an awful lot of gunk, not so different from the smokers' cough. I am so glad this is way behind me. I can't even imagine that I ever smoked when I was younger. It feels like another lifetime.

Since that first run I have gone out again. And again, it was cold and windy. I am going to go out running so much in the coming months that I am sure I will be able to catch a sunny and glorious day. I love how running gets me to merge with the elements and connect with nature.

What about you? Have you decided to get out of your comfort zone?

Blessings of light


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