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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Life detox

My computer has been attacked by a very nasty Trojan which has forced me to take a back step from all my online networking, blogging... browsing and let it be said: my internet addiction. This is wonderfully ironic as I preach in my book to do so and was perhaps a little guilty of not completely walking the talk. Well, now thanks to the Universe, I have been put on a forced electronic device detox.

I have only limited access to a computer and I am focusing mainly on writing my blogs, and yet again, not as madly as I was before. And even my smartphone is being used in moderation. How refreshing. This has enabled me to live at a different pace and spend much more time outdoors and with my friends. I have met an incredible group of local mums at a baby massage class. I have gone for a walk in the woods with a dear writer and poet friend of mine. I have taken my son to play after school at the local park. Why did I have to wait for my computer to be hacked to do all this? Isn't what living is all about?

I highly recommend, and I am going to continue, an electronic device detox on your journey of slimming because it will enable you to change your life for the better and to realise how these devices can take over our lives. They also tend to make us very sedentary and keep us indoors. We then live in our heads as opposed to our bodies, which is never a good thing on the journey of the slim soul. What these devices do, and that includes the TV, is to numb us and distract us from our feelings. As a result we can tend to live and eat mindlessly.

Blessings of lightness

Anges de Lumiere

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