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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Why so many things?

I already practice most of the things that I preach for the journey of the slim soul: the whole Seven Golden Rules of slimming and all the tips that I have sprinkled in my book. That shouldn't surprise you, as I am a firm believer of walking the talk. Besides, the Journey of the Slim Soul wasn't born out of some clever idea, it was born from first hand experience. I usually stay clear of people who become experts on a topic that are not intimately related to them, like health and fitness experts who have never struggled with their weight or who find exercising a piece of cake.

I have to admit however that there is one area where I haven't done so well and naturally I was shown last week that this would be the area where I would be asked to brush up my act: decluttering. I came to this realisation during a telephone conversation with my sister who said in passing something like: "you are such an organised person" and I nearly laughed when she said that. I come from a family where my mother is extremely organised and my father is completely the opposite. And my first husband managed to convince me that I was more like my father, but this hasn't always been the case. When I lived alone, I had a well organised and tidy house. Well, it was only a studio flat where the most minute amount of mess meant you couldn't move. I now live in a house that is so big that sometimes I think we could install one of those conveyor belts to go from end to the other, or roller skate. And I have four children.

Whatever mess I manage to clear is usually recreated within minutes. In addition, I have now given up on paper. Or perhaps I should say that paper won. It is amazing the amount of paper that is put through one's mailbox and I am on overwhelm because I haven't kept on top of it and I am probably two years behind. And with four children and a business to run... it's easy to get snowed under, especially since my daughter's school sends me one possibly two letters per week. We were commenting with my mother over the phone that with bills and paperwork, it is a constant work in progress. You just can't let the guard down. Well I have, big time.

So my only point of focus in the weeks to come will be to retore my house to some ressemblance of order. I have already started. Why is it linked to my slimming journey, you might wonder? Because clutter is symbolic of our bodies and life and a cluttered house indicates blockage. And I noticed that my clients who have untidy house usually have issues to resolve and are almost all overweight. I don't know which one influences which but I find that my house gets more messy when I go through a phase of my life when I am unhappy. And when I am unhappy, I tend to comfort eat a lot more. Besides, a cluttered untidy house tends to bring our energy down. We feel sluggish and heavy because looking at the mess depresses us. When we feel sluggish we tend to eat more to give ourselves that little boost that we need, only it doesn't work that way.

How do you start decluttering when the sheer volume of work is enough to make you run out the door? My advice is only do twenty minutes at a time, and one drawer at a time. If you tell yourself you have to do only twenty minutes, it doesn't feel so daunting. And you are more than likely to end up doing a lot more than that but it will be a choice, because you will enjoy it, instead of feeling like it's a huge obligation. It is just as important to focus only in one area of your home at a time so that you see some improvement.

Blessings of lightness

Anges de Lumiere

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