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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

When should I eat?

What is great when you are looked upon as a bit of an expert, which is where I am getting now about slimming, is that people ask you the most interesting questions. One of them is "when should I eat?" The answer is obvious: when you are hungry, yet for most people it's not that easy to implement.

We have been trained as social animals to eat when the world tells us to eat. It starts with our mothers: as children, we are requested, kindly for most of us but not all, to eat when we are presented with food. For those of you who are parents, you will know how hard it is to force a baby or toddler to eat when they are not hungry, yet we try so hard. This is, in my humble opinion, one of the most profound reason we are raising a nation of overweight children. The second being that we try to force them to finish their plates. The third is because when they get to school age, we force them to sit more than is natural for them and then, force them to exercise when we decide is the right time, whereas a child left to move when they feel like it will always have enough exercise, but I am digressing slightly.

As we have all been trained well by our parents and then by our environment, we tend to eat when we are expected to and as much as we are offered food. We find it difficult to resist food, at least those of us who are overweight. Slim people, on the other hand, tend to be less socially apt and only eat when they are hungry and are able to hurt Auntie Betty's pudding because really they have had too much to eat. We, on the other hand, might judge them as wrong, but our waist lines should tell us better.

The difficult thing is when we have beent trained for so long to ignore the cues of our bodies with regards to our hunger, we tend to get it wrong a lot and that's why we are overweight. I go into detail in my book about how to reconnect to our natural hunger radar. This is one of the seven golden rules of slimming that I offer as "the way to natural and easy slimness": make friends with your hunger. We often mix up emotional hunger and real hunger and hunger and thirst. Once you get to master that aspect of your eating, the slimming becomes so easy.

So to get back to the question that a friend of mine asked me yesterday as we were chit chatting about my book: but you should eat when you are hungry, of course.

Blessings of slimness

Anges de Lumiere

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