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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Showing up is enough

Today I went for my first run in... ten months. It was such a great moment. And I was probably one inch taller than before.

I won't go into how I got into running although it is quite a story in itself, but let me just say that I started running one sunny day of September 2009 at 43 years young, despite not being a sporty type at all and hating running. I run solid for a whole year two to three times a week and my runs lasted between thirty to fifty minutes. You will notice that I am not trying to impress you by saying how long my runs were and how fast I ran. These things are irrelevant to me. I ran for pleasure. I ran for life. In fact I took place in the race for life in may 2010 with my then ten year young daughter.

I had to stop running in August 2010 because when I got pregnant that summer, unfortunately I had quite a bit of bleeding and I considered it safer to stop the running to make sure I kept my baby. I didn't "give up" running that easily. Running was my bliss. I ran in beautiful places in nature. My favourite run is going on the Severn bridge that runs across between England and Wales.

During my pregnancy, whenever I saw a runner (and believe me when you love running and you can't, you see a lot of runners) I imagined that I was running alongside with them. This is an old trick of hypnotherapists, as we know that imagining that you are doing something (and that include sports) is nearly just as good as doing it for real. I was told during my training days as a hypnotherapist the story of a Vietnam veteran who practiced his swing in his mind for the whole duration of his emprisonment and who, went going back home, was able to take up his golf practice at the same handicap as when he left, and that was years after.

I was counting the days until I could run again. Yesterday I decided that that would be the day. I didn't know how or when. After all I have a tribe of three children and a nine week breastfeeding baby so the odds are slightly against me. But what I did was put my gear on in the morning when I woke up and I was determined to grab any opportunity to do so. An opportunity came up before I dropped my son to a birthday party in the morning but then I realised I got the time of the party wrong and something in me sank as that opportunity vanished. I was determined nevertheless so whilst I was regrouping, I thought of another opportunity as my man was driving back after doing a food shop. On the spur of the moment, I asked him to drop me a mile from home on our way back. And so it happened. I went for my first run in ten months. I run for ten minutes and I had to walk a couple of times and that felt wonderful.

My point today is that if you show up (as in, in my case, dress up for the occasion), things will happen. It is no use waiting for things to be perfect to start doing something. And it helps to show your commitment by being ready to go. I could have waited for the right time to put my gear on but I did the opposite: I put my gear on and waited for the opportunity and it worked. Running works for me because I have such a busy life that I can squeeze it in between everything I have to do. Find what works for you. But more importantly, do what makes you feel good and what you enjoy. Running takes me outdoors which is what I need and enjoy, no matter the weather. It's not competitive and I don't have a hoard of sporty people staring at me like it used to happen at the gym. I don't have to go to a gym, pay a subscription (which I won't use)... etc. And I run despite the fact that I used to hate it... how did that happen? Believe me or not, I asked the angels for inspiration one night and the next day, I was a runner.

Blessings of lightness

Anges de Lumiere

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