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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Quit smoking or slimming? Is it one or the other?

I was a smoker for longer than I want to admit and what stopped me from quitting was the fear that I would put on weight. I was finding it difficult enough as it was to curb my appetite, which in reality was emotional hunger, not true hunger. I am sure I was not alone.

And with tobacco, there are a lot of myths around the addiction of nicotine. In truth, there is a mild physical addiction but if you think about it, if you were truly addicted, cravings would wake you up in the middle of the night. If you wake up in the middle of the night and are addicted, you will probably go light one up but if you have a good night sleep, the lack of cigarette won't interrupt it.

It is so sad that women and men, but mostly women, continue to do something so harmful to their bodies because they are afraid to put on weight when really that can totally be avoided. The reason why people put on weight when they quit smoking is that they did not tackle the mental and emotional dependency to cigarettes, so when the cigarettes are gone, they replace it with food. Resolving these mental and emotional dependencies are not as hard as they seem and a good hypnotherapy CD goes a long way to help you do that.

That is the reason why I recorded my "Quit and Slim" CD shortly after I trained as a clinical hypnotherapist. I wanted to help people find a cheap way (not everyone can afford to go to a hypnotherapist at £50 a session) to quit smoking, And even if they did come to tme, having the CD to listen to helps to reinforce the message and help them continue to be a non smoker in the long run, as the first three weeks after you stop smoking are usually the trickiest. The reason for this is that you are used to going to places and mingling with people who perhaps smoke and you feel "naked" without that gesture that supposedly gives you confidence and makes you look cool.

Today I want to dedicate this blog to all the smokers who hang onto their cigarettes because they think it's difficult to quit and they don't want to put on weight. Please understand that your beliefs are only beliefs and that is thoughts that you consider to be the truth but that doesn't make them any truer just because you believe them. I have done both: quit and slim. It is possible. Chuck that pack of cigarettes or that bag of tobacco and start living a life where your taste buds are going to have a real treat when you eat.

Blessings of lightness

Anges de Lumiere

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