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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Make love not war

Usually when we finally decide to do something about our weight, the frame of mind that we adopt to do something about it could be described as "war". We prepare a plan, go on a diet and get a gym subscription. Perhaps we hire a coach or join a slimming club. And from there on, we push, push, push. Sometimes even, we go from zero exercise to going to the gym every day. And we suddenly cut out all the "bad" foods that we used to eat.  We are full of energy and drive our bodies and minds very hard to get where we want to be. It has to happen fast and almost furious.

It doesn't work like that. Not if you want to slim for life. Change takes time and must be gentle and integrated step by step. It's better to do things more gently even if you can't see a difference on your scales after two days (and believe me you won't and shouldn't). You shouldn't even weight yourself to start with because it puts pressure on you and your precious body. This is particularly true if you have a lot of weight to lose (sometimes I do have to use this term but I much prefer the term slimming) because weighing yourself WILL inevitably get you depressed.

No instead, you must be gentle in your approach and take a step by step approach. Change one thing at a time and consolidate. Perhaps you want to drink more water and cut out fizzy drinks, coffee and sweet teas. Or perhaps you want to slowly replace refined carbohydrates by complex ones. The aim is to nourish your body better so that it does not crave so much junk food. Calories should be deleted from your dictionary all together. It is not a helpful word or concept and it can get you obsessed. It can even put you off exercising, in the most extreme case, because you will consider that you don't burn enough calories.

Your body has its own wisdom. If you espouse the fast and furious approach, it will resist. As you would if you had a bit of sense left in you. It took you probably years to put that weight on, why are you expecting it to go in a fortnight? I am not saying that you won't lose weight on my journey, but it is an added benefit, not something you obsess about. It is however inevitable. And in way, I want you to see it like this: you are on a journey, if you obsess about going from A to B, then you are missing the point totally. You are not enjoying the journey. Set your destination, have a route, be aware that the route can have many detours and that's fine (you can get lost and find your way again) but that sooner or later you will get to B. It doesn't matter how long you take, unless you want to have a short term result. But please do yourself a favour, stop obsessing about B and wishing you weren't at A. It's ridiculous and no matter how much you wish you weren't at A isn't going to change anything so make peace with being where you are. It doesn't matter where you start, with a car, proper directions, you cannot fail to go from A to B.

Any motorist will tell you as well that you can't really start your journey until you take the hand break off (resistance) and in slimming resistance is the cause of your unhealthy relationship to food and also and as important, the cause of your lack of confidence. This resistance must be tackled before you even start your journey because if you don't, you are making it harder than necessary to slim. Imagine driving from London to Paris with the breaks on. How foolish. And that's what I do at the Journey of the Slim Soul: I help you take take the break off, give you some tools to navigate and cheer you along the way. You could call me your co-pilot. I have been from A to B. I am doing it again. And I am loving the journey: it's easy and the scenery is lovely. Life can be enjoyed on your journey of the slim soul.

Blessings of lightness

Anges de Lumiere

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