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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Make friends with food

I am just back from a week' s holiday in Brittany. I hadn't visited France since October last year when I was only three months pregnant with my angel baby girl. I was born in France. And you see, I love food. I just love it. I love taste. I love texture. I love diversity. I love cooking. So when I hit the local supermarket in Sarzeau, Saturday afternoon, I just saw all these products that I had not eaten in ages and I went into a shopping frenzy: I bought a lot of the comfort foods that I used to eat as a child.

I have vowed to be totally honest in this blog so I will say this: I think I have overdone food this week. Not in a major way. Not in a binge sort of way: I never felt after a meal that I just had to roll to the side and sleep and feel the urge to get out of my clothes because they were too tight. But I have ate a lot less healthily than I usually do. More refined sugars. More refined carbs (especially bread)... less vegetables.

What was different from when I used to live in France and use food for comfort, though, is that:
  • I didn't eat more than I was hungry.
  • I ate mindfully.
  • I enjoyed my food.
  • I didn't worry about what I ate.
  • I didn't worry about the fact that I didn't have yet the body that I want.
And this is so important on my journey. Someone (I won't say who but there is always someone who says something like that "for your own good") pointed out that I wouldn't get very far on my slimming journey eating like that and that is actually the only thing that spoiled it and made me realise that "yes, I still had a bit of a tummy from giving birth only eight weeks ago, and yes my arms are bigger than they used to be - but carrying a baby 24/7 might have to do with it".

Funnily, enough, it is only after that comment that I become aware of it and felt ashamed of my body. That made me angry. I had worked so hard at feeling good about myself no matter what that I felt it took me back to pre-2009, before I wrote the journey of the slim soul and realised that loving yourself now, exactly as you are is one of the most important thing to do when you want to slim. Self love is paramount. It is "the" first step on the journey of the slim soul and it is not worth starting anything until you have that first step right. Otherwise, you will be heading in the wrong direction.

A natural expression of that self love is to love your food. How many of you have enjoyed "naughty" foods without any guilt recently? As I was browsing the internet for pictures for this entry, I was amazed at how all the pictures that we are shown in magazines and on the internet about food are so... one sided and stereotypical. I could not find one beautiful picture of a "generous" lady eating pasta... it's only models that look like they have never eaten pasta in their entire life and are going to the toilet right after the photo shoot to throw up.... or again the same models but eating salads without dressing. I want and need beautiful pictures of generous women who enjoy food. We need to enjoy our food no matter what. Why? That is the only way to combat cravings. If you are going to have a piece of chocolate cake, for God's sake enjoy it. Don't spoil it with guilt or you might have to eat five instead of one. Take your time savouring it. Let it melt in your mouth... let your taste buds experience the total experience without your mind numbing everything. In fact, when is the last time you have actually tasted your food properly?

Blessings of lightness.

Anges de Lumiere

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