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Sunday, 19 June 2011

La piece de resistance

On our journeys, and very often at the very start, we come across resistance. Part of us wants to be slimmer and another part of us, the part that I call the Monkey, doesn't. It is because of this conflict that our attempt fail and at the Journey of the Slim Soul this is the very first step we put into place: overcoming la piece de resistance.

Reasoning or even being aware of it is not enough. You have to tackle the conflict by aligning all parts of you. And the problem with most slimmers is that they start a programme (diet) without having resolved this conflict and this is the reason why it seems like such hard work. This is also the reason why they keep on having cravings and why they self-sabotage.

I have recorded this video below to help you overcome resistance. Even if you don't believe in EFT, try it. It's crazy but it works. If you are not comfortable with the sequence (and its true that you can't see my hands on the video - bear with me, dear readers, I did this at 6 am on a Sunday), you can practice on another video of mine first which is called "Love yourself first" available on my You Tube Channel AngesdeLum.

Blesssings of lightness

Anges de Lumiere

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS ; félicitations pour ta fille .... Nous avons après 3 beaux garçons notre fille le 26 février dernier vive les bébés 2011 LOL!!!Now you understand why I need to watch my weight ....;)