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Saturday, 4 June 2011

It's not all or nothing

Very often, we resist doing something because it appears to be overwhelmingly difficult. The only reason it is so difficult, in our minds, is because we apply an "all or nothing" rule. For some reason, we do that almost systematically in the realm of slimming, and withing that realm, particularly with exercising.

Let me explain. Most people who want to slim, decide one day to join a gym. They pay their fee and perhaps decide to go once to the gym. They go home. Feel good. If they are really enthusiastic, they might go every day the first week. But then either the novelty wears off or life throws at them a curved ball and they stop going to the gym. Other priorities keep on taking over. Perhaps they have gym card that they look at occasionally and think to themselves, I have paid for this, really I ought to go there, but it doesn't happen. They have applied an all or nothing rule to exercise.

In my experience, it's not all or nothing. And more importantly, it needs to be broken down in tiny steps that can be easily integrated in our lives. Going to the gym does not integrate easily into my life. It ceased to do when I had my first child. I found that juggling work and motherhood was hard enough as it was and impossible to fit in anything extra, not to mention the gym.

Start smaller: walk five minutes more every day (perhaps at lunch time, or parking your car further from your destination), walk up the stairs instead of taking escalators or lifts (elevators for our US friends), run around the garden with your children... but some days, and today was one such days for me, just put your running shoes on and your track suit and just walk (not run): and that is good enough for now, because eighty percent of success is showing up. And each time you do it, you will take it a bit further, because after all you made the effort of putting those trainers on (but you didn't tell yourself: I must go exercise). Do it not matter how small. It will give you the taste for more and the satisfaction of having done "something".

Apply the advice of this great blog, even if it is not specifically geared towards slimming. And keep going... your dream figure is not going to magically appear tomorrow through a war with yourself, it will manifest in perfect timing after you take one tiny step after another after another so that it feels effortless yet you are moving in the right direction. And yes, "failures" (I prefer to call them "Learning Curves" - yes the pun is intended) are part of the journey and should be celebrated as occasions to learn.

Blessings of lightness

Anges de Lumiere

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