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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The food will still be there when I want it

One of the turning point on my journey of the slim soul has been to realise that I had to make choices in life and one of these choices was whether to eat every bit of food that crosses my path just because it was there OR to chose what I eat one bite at a time with a purpose and an intent.

I had been raised in a family where babies were fed at set times and a set amount, in a factory type environment (these were the guidelines of the baby experts of my mother's generation - she just didn't have the courage to depart from that advice and follow her heart). Later on when I became a child, (i) food was still served at set times AND (ii) if I didn't eat quickly what was offered, my siblings would not leave me any food AND (iii) I was expected to clean my plate. In short, (i) + (ii) + (iii) = recipe for obesity.

To enable me to truly be on my journey of the slim soul, I had to decondition myself of this very powerful equation that inevitably would have led me to piling on the kilos year after year after year, and possibly faster. One of the things that I found helped me, and still helps me today is to remind me that I am no longer a child depending on adults to feed her and that "The food will still be there when I want it". This enables me to not systematically eat what is offered to me. The great test is when I go in planes... I no longer have the snack, sandwich... or meal that is being served, even if it's free. Plane food is now so remote from acceptable standards of "goodness" for me that it makes it easy. I consider that my body deserves better than that.

So perhaps you too can remind yourself that whatever it is that is being served or offered to you there will be food when you really feel like eating and you don't have to eat everything that comes your way.

Blessings of lightness

Anges de Lumiere

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