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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Doing what you can is good enough

When people contemplate their slimming journey and are told that they must exercise and they can't, then they are likely to give up slimming before they even try. They feel frustrated because their bodies is in pain and is not happy moving and the advice or encouragement that everyone must exercise to lose weight becomes a curse instead of a cure. They feel sorry for themselves and might even feel depressed and harbour the thoughts that life is unfair.

And I can't blame them. This advice can sometimes be so counterproductive. What I want to say today is "Do what you can and that is good enough". If you can't exercise because your body is in pain, then just drink eight glasses of water every day, or do something else... whatever it is that you CAN do, then do it. There are a hosts of little things that you can do along the way that can help. I can't list them all here but if you browse this blog you will be getting more and more inspiration. Besides the best tips are described in my book the Journey of the Slim Soul (TM).

In 2006, when I lost two stones after the birth of my third child at forty years young, I did not exercise at all. I lost all this weight only by making small changes in other areas and it is only when I reached a certain body weight (I used to weight myself back then but have grown wiser since) that it started to feel right to exercise.

The question is not whether to exercise, it is to exercise when the time is right and to do the exercise that is perfect for you. The criteria is: what makes you happy, what makes your body move IN JOY.

Blessings of lightness

Anges de Lumiere

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