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Friday, 10 June 2011

Can I have a day off the journey please?

The question is: can you have a day off? Or a week off?

Considering that the Journey of the Slim Soul is a journey, you could say that you are always on it. Even if you wanted, you couldn't really be off your journey. All you would do really is heading in the wrong direction. When you have a "bad" day (tell me what a bad day is?) there is always something to learn from it. In fact, if you didn't have them, I am not sure you would be truly progressing. I would query whether you were honest with yourself.

Instead of having a "bad" day because you are out of control, chose to have a "bad" day and learn from it. This journey is about mindfulness and learning. What is having a bad day anyway? No day is entirely bad. People who say they hate Mondays make me smile. I don't mean this in a horrible way but no day is consistantly bad or good. There are extreme days when something so dramatic happens that you could consider it a bad day but how many times have you thought that something that happened to you was bad (for example breaking up with your boyfriend) only to realise a few days later or months or years that it was probably the best thing that happened to you (that boyfriend was a loser and you later on found the love of your life)? Probably quite a few of them. Good and bad are concepts that are not extremely helpful because they crystalise experiences and reinforce the feelings. If you can't feel good about something, at least try not to feel bad. Try to keep it neutral. Try not to rehearse the negativity with your friends.

What would a bad day be on the Journey of the Slim Soul anyway? A day where you would not enjoy your food. A day when you would eat mindlessly. A day when you would be stressed and hate yourself. A day when you would either starve yourself or stuff yourself... is that really something that we would consciously do to "treat" ourselves on our journeys? So why is it that when we are on a diet, that's what we yearn for? This is so weird. On a diet, we yearn for all of this because we have foods that we cannot eat and someone else dictates what we can do. On the journey of the slim soul, however, we decide. We are in power.

How do you learn from a "bad" day? I would rather talk about learning from something you did that felt out of alignment with your intent, such as for example eating something mindlessly? As soon as you realise you are out of alignment, take your journal out. I recommend to keep two separate diaries (hence the Slim Soul Diaries, not the Slim Soul Diary): a positive diary and a release diary. So get out your release diary and start reflecting on what happened? Why did it happen? Try not to get into the blame mentality. Perhaps someone said something to you or you thought about something that makes you sad and you were driven by those feelings to eat mindlessly. That's good. If you journal about it you start identifying what drives your "off moments". You learn from it. You can go beyond. Write down how you felt whilst you were eating mindlessly (or vomiting or whatever it is that you do that makes you unhappy): try to be specific. Were you feeling sadness, disgust, anger... identify the feeling. Go with it and beyond it. Avoiding feelings does not sort them. It is embracing them and going to the bottom of them that does.

Blessings of lightness

Anges de Lumiere

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