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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Water works

Eight glasses a water a day is my prescription. When I explained that to a slim friend of mine, she exclaimed: "Oh that's no news. Everybody knows that!"

You'd be surprised how few people actually drink those eight glasses of water per day. They might drink but not water. Coffee, tea and fizzy drinks are not the same because for the most part they do not hydrate but on the contrary have a diuretic effect. You don't want your body to be drained of fluids, you want it hydrated properly. Dehydration leads to all sorts of nasties health wise. Dr Batman, an Iranian doctor who was a political prisoner for decades did a fascinating study whilst in prison that showed that most illnesses could be cured by drinking more water: constipation, heart diseases, allergies and a host of other diseases. How did he find out? He was appointed the official doctor for the prisoners but was only given water to cure them. So he used the only thing he had and it worked in 98% of cases.

One of my clients lost a stone in six weeks only by applying that "obvious" trick. She couldn't believe what happened. What I have observed when you drink eight glasses of water a day (and as I said fizzy drinks and squash don't count) is that you do three things. First, you no longer eat to quench your thirst. And believe me this is something a lot of people do. They mistake the signs for thirst with signs for hunger and eat when they should be drinking water. Second, you detox your taste buds from the sugar and sweetness overload which results in you subtly but surely eating more healthily. Third, you feel a lot more energised so you probably have the mental energy to make the changes you want to make and to move that beautiful body of yours.

Frankly, these benefits are invaluable... and for so little effort. If someone proposed a diet based only on adding eight glasses of water a day and not changing anything else I do and guaranteed some results... I would jump at it. Wouldn't you?

Blessings of lightness

Anges de Lumiere

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