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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Toxic scales

My beautiful daughter came back from school yesterday feeling awful. She was upset and not her usual self. I asked her: "What is the matter honey? What happened in school?" As part of an experiment, they had all been weighed in school and their weight had been recorded in a chart for statistics. You might wonder what is wrong with that? Well she felt fine before that but then when she was weighed, she realised that she was ten kilos heavier than the average girl in her class including a girl who was a head taller than her and it made her feel inadequate.

My slimming journey commands to ditch the scales and stop weighing ourselves. Do you now understand why? Since birth we have been measured and weighed and our "vitals" have been recorded and compared to others and for what benefit? Are we only worth how much pounds of flesh we measure? All I can see is that my daughter felt fine before she was weighed and after that, she felt awful.  She is perfect. Her body is perfect. It is delicate and slim and that really should be no concern of her. And even if she was more curvy than her peers, that shouldn't be a concern of hers either. Same with my baby girl who is only a few weeks old. She was a "big" baby. Why should I care? Why should she be weighed constantly. She looks healthy. She looks perfect to me.

When I joined a slimming club five years back, no matter how much I tried to ignore the message of the scales (and I did lose two stones) it just didn't work. If I was having a "bad week", then I felt depressed no matter that I had already lost a dress size and felt so much more fabulous than months before.

It is time we realised the toxic power of scales. It is time we resisted the urge that our society has to measure us and pigeon hole us. We each have a unique beautiful body and we are designed at birth to have a perfect weight. If we start analysing our weight in terms of statistics, we are missing the point and creating problems where really there shouldn't be any. I know I have what some people call a "heavy frame" which is that if compared to someone exactly my size I would probably weigh a good ten kilos more, as my daughter does. Weighing ourselves is no measure of how healthy and slim we are.

My invitation today is: ditch the scales. Throw them away once and for all. We have ways to monitor our progress on our journey of the slim soul that are less toxic and more motivating. Scales do more harm than they do good.

Blessings of lightness

Anges de Lumiere

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