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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Summertime and the slimming is easy

Relaxing on our journey to slimming is one of the Seven Golden Rules as explained in my book, the Journey of the Slim Soul. It might not seem very serious to you but it is. It comes from years of experience as a clinical hypnotherapist but don't take just my word: scientists have found that supposedly "fatty foods" don't make you put on weight per se, it is the combination of the unhealthy eating WITH stress that makes it work against you. This confirms my theory that what you eat is as important as what you think whilst eating what you eat. It doesn't mean we should eat what we want regardless of whether it is healthy to eat what we do. What it means though is that no matter what you eat: if you are stressed whilst you eat, you won't benefit from what you eat or if you eat something that is not very nutritious, then your body will be worst off for it.

This all points us in the direction of being mindful what we think and how we feel when we eat. It is my personal experience that if I eat whilst stressed, or if I eat on the back of being upset, the food doesn't feel right no matter what I eat. In addition to that, when I am upset, I would tend to reach out more for junk food than if I am not. When I do eat sugar loaded foods and I am stressed and upset, I know this will certainly not do me any good whereas if I ate the same food whilst enjoying them and being in the right frame of mind about not worrying about it, then I am at an advantage.

Naturally stlim people do not worry about eating pizza and they enjoy eating their pizza when they do which also means they don't crave pizza and actually probably don't eat it that often. They can even leave a portion of their pizza on the side of their plates. Now that's what I call relaxed eating.

When I started on my journey of the slim soul over four years ago, I was made aware of the fact that I had never, up to then, relaxed around food: ever. I approached food with the desperation of a starved person because I did not eat enough and had been conditioned to worry about food constantly. I was either worried that I was not eating the right food or that I would not have enough. There was always some negative association with food. I had been raised to eat when I was told and what I was given and so I had lost the sense of what was right for me. I had also been conditioned to think that I was genetically fat and because of that, constantly worried about what I ate, never enjoying food without worry.

My very first learning was to relax around food. To trust that my body had its own wisdom and that I could enjoy food without having to obsess about it. This also led me to the possibility of actually not eating when offered food as I now trusted two processes: (i) that I knew better when I needed to eat AND (ii) that the food would always be there for me later if I wanted it. And that's when I suddenly stopped being a slave to food and when food became my friend. The relaxation and well being coming from that internal shift was worth my weight in gold. And at that time, I was a lot heavier than now, so you can imagine how precious it was.

Blessings of lightness

Anges de Lumiere

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