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Monday, 2 May 2011

Sleeping beauty

One of the most challenging aspects to being a mother of a new born is the lack of sleep. All "young" mothers would agree with me. Yet on our journeys of the slim soul, getting enough sleep is the most important element of all. If we fail to get the rest and sleep we need, we will inevitably put on weight or at least fail to slim for two reasons: one is that sleep is essential for our metabolism to be functioning properly (and this has been evidenced by scientific research) and second is that when we feel tired our appetite not only becomes broader and more difficult to sasiate but also we crave more junk foods, particularly sugars. But unlike when we are rested, the big quantities of sugars that we ingest do not bring relief to our hunger. The reason is that it is not technically hunger but a compensation mechanism for the tiredness. Hence a vicious circle of overeating sugars, which are very addictive to start with, which leads to cravings and mood swings which probably don't help the sleep. We are stuck in a circle that makes us cranky and heavy.

So how do we do make sure that we get enough sleep? As a clinical hypnotherapist, I can only encourage you to relax and simplify your life and keep stress to a minimum. Relaxation tapes are wonderful for this but don't wait for things to get serious before you listen to one.

You might think that it is easier said than done to simplify one's life and I would agree with you. It takes dedication and courage because in many instances it means standing up for yourself and learning to say no. This is precisely the reason why one of the first exercises in my eight week programme is about learning to say no to others and yes to yourself. In my case, right now, this means that I do minimal housework and put my priorities towards sleeping when my angel baby girl is sleeping so we can both be found like the sleeping beauties that we are at all times or day and night. I have to resist the urge to keep my house in a relative house of cleanliness for guests to come. I go further than that, I try to avoid guests as much as I can so that the precious times when my angel baby girl sleeps can be put to good effect by me and enable me to rest.

I had never done that with my previous children but it works wonders. Not only do I get the rest that I need but she also seems to be a much better sleeper than her brothers and sister ever were. Part of it is also because we sleep together and I carry her in a sling most of the time. She never looses my sight. But that would be the subject of another blog all together about "attachment parenting" which works wonders for both mums and babes.

Blessings of lightness

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