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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Nothing different under the sun?

I just saw a post by one of my slim soul clients to say she lost a dress size and was surprised because she didn't feel that she was doing anything different. On the journey of the slim soul, you are not asked to follow an eating plan, to leave out certain foods or take strenuous exercise, yet the changes that you make to your life, albeit subtle, are profound.

The very first change that is powerful yet can be overlooked is when you unlearn the belief that slimming is hard work and a punishment. This is the very first myth busting exercise we do here at the slim soul. We practice believing that slimming is easy and effortlessly and that we are all naturally slim. If affirmations alone don't work, we do it by listening to a hypnotherapy CD that we recommend you listen to every day. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to remodel our thinking in a gradual, easy and long lasting way. Where affirmations alone might not work because your subconscious rejects them as too far from the truth, suggestions whilst in trance (a deep relaxation state) are known to work a lot more efficiently.

And if that was not enough, we also use emotional freedom technique to deconstruct beliefs. I rarely allow my clients to embark on their journey of the slim soul until they are totally relaxed about it and convinced that the weight is going to come off easily and effortlessly at the right time. And very often it melts away rather quickly but it is a side effect of a new attitude rather than a goal pursued eagerly and anxiously. And that;'s what I love about the journey. It's easy going and relaxed pace and yet the good results that it delivers.

Blessings of light

Anges de Lumiere

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