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Monday, 16 May 2011

No computer day

I recommend to my clients to have one day, as part of the eight week programme, without TV. In fact, it's any electronics you are addicted to: it can be TV, phone, mobile phone, computer, playstation... you name it. The reason is that these devices distract us, numb us, have an effect on our energy levels and generally zap our energies and prevent us from living mindfully.

As I am now back on my journey of the slim soul, I decided again, to apply my own advice. And yesterday I had a no computer and internet day. I have been known to get addicted to the internet and particularly to Facebook. Over the past year, I have learnt to manage it, limit the time I spend and get some balance in the process. Having a complete day off felt wonderful. I was able to spend more time with my family, read books, journal... spend time in the garden. A client of mine who had her no electronics day, reported going to bed much earlier and feeling more refreshed.

It is important to use technology for our benefit and not become its slave. With the advent of mobile phones and wi-fi, we tend to be reachable at all times and all places. We can't even escape being "connected' during our holidays, as we used to, or in the evening when we go home to our families. The biggest danger is to become mindless. Mindlessness leads to stress.... stress leads to your body switching to crisis mode... it leads to mindless eating... and a much lower metabolism.

I encourage you to detox from electronics. I enjoyed my day so much that I decided that I would have one electronics free day per week. And I also intend to be completely non reachable during my next holiday. What about you?

Blessings of light

Anges de Lumiere

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