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Monday, 23 May 2011

Just see it and so it will be

The reason why I called my book the Journey of the Slim Soul is because I believe that you need to find the slim soul in you first and then the slimming is easy. Most people fight their bodies until they are slim but if they don't have a slim "model" inside, it is harder than necessary and it is temporary.

Naturally slim people have that model. They don't try harder. They trust their bodies and know that no matter what they eat, their weight will be constant without having to do anything about it and without having to deprive themselves. We have all been born naturally slim. The problem is that in the meantime, we learn stuff that has made us fat or overweight. A lot of that "stuff" is mental conditioning and false beliefs about how to go about being slim. The problem is, because the dieting and fitness industry is a billion dollar industry (probably more than that since the obesity epidemic is no longer the privilege of North America) where everyone has an interest in promoting certain ideas and the more these ideas are useless, the more money can be made from them because in effect, the dieter will try, fail, and probably blame himself or herself for it instead of questioning the validity of the advice.

Here at the slim soul, we help you unlearn all those unhelpful myths and get back to basics. But the very starting point is to be able to imagine yourself slim. I had a client who whilst listening to my motivational CD who had an Eureka moment and who saw her slim self dressed up as a belly dancer and the vision was so beautiful she was inspired and moved to tears. Now she can hold that vision in her mind and her body will follow suit. It is "that" powerful.

Do work on your vision of your slim self. That won't happen by looking in the mirror at what you don't want. It will happen by you practising relaxation and creating a mental picture of how you see yourself slim. Most people have that image in their minds and are shocked when they look in the mirror because what they see doesn't reflect what they think they look like or what they would like to look like. And for those of you who think they can't "visualise": as long as you can recognise your front door from your neighbour's then you are the capacity to visualise.  Don't let the belief that you can't, stop you. You can just feel what it feels like to be slim.

Blessings of lightness

Anges de Lumiere

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