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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Is this right for me?

There seems to be no limit as to the variety of methods available to slim from the most bizarre to the dangerous. Common sense doesn't abound but myths certainly do. How do you find out the best way? This is a question that one of my "likers" asked me on my Facebook Fanpage yesterday.

At first I thought "Why are you asking me, I am the author of the Journey of the Slim Soul, of course I am going to say mine." But then I reflected on what brought me to write the book in the first place: the complete and maddening confusion I was experiencing in this dieting world where I couldn't trust anyone as everyone was there to make a quick buck on me and the only part of me that seemed to slim was my wallet.

I went back to source and asked myself the question: what do you do to find out what will work? The answer came clearly "I find out what works for me". As a Reiki Master and spiritual development teacher, I say to my students repeatedly: "No matter what I say, take what works for you and leave the rest." 

What I say to spiritual students applies to my slimming clients just as well, but how do you find out what works for you? Personally, I first ask myself whether what I am being told makes sense. I have a good b**sh***t detector and I have learnt over the years to trust it. Another tool that I use if I still have doubts is my pendulum. I won't go into the esoterics of why pendulums work and how but let's say that pendulums can be a way to access your higher wisdom. They are simple to use: you hold the chain between your fingers, rest your elbow on a table comfortably so you can hold the position long enough and wait for it to start to swing. To find out what is a yes and a no: hold your thoughts on the idea of yes until you see which way the pendulum starts to swing. You need to be able to totally relax so you might want to do a short meditation first. To find out which way is no, do the same. Anything else is a maybe which can mean various things: 1) this is not the right question and you need to formulate it differently 2) you are not ready to hear the answer yet 3) you need to gather more information 4) it is not the right time to ask the question. 

Have fun with your pendulum to find out what is right for you. Refrain from doing what I used to do as a teenager: ask the question over and over again until I got the answer that I wanted. 

Blessings of slimness

Anges de Lumiere

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