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Friday, 13 May 2011

I am so hungry I could eat.... anything

If this expression is familiar, my advice is: don't wait until you get there. Hunger management is something really important on our slimming journeys. And yesterday, I messed up the first part of the commandment: eat when you are hungry. Stop when you're feeling content. I was having lunch with a girlfriend and she was late. She told me she would be there at twelve thirty and she turned up at quarter to two. I don't mind as such but I didn't notice time and I got so hungry... I could have eaten anything.

And in the past, this is exactly what would have happened. I would have rushed to the vending machine at work. Or if at home, I would have made a bee line to the biscuit tin.

Not anymore. Now I am on my journey of the slim soul, I make sure I snack healthy and never get to the point of being too hungry that I lose control. In fact, I discovered that I am a grazer and that I need several small meals as opposed to three big meals. So probably more like five small meals. Not all cooked obviously.

I used to be so afraid of being hungry (scars from childhood when I was fed when my mother decided it was appropriate for me to eat...) that I would eat any food offered to me at meal times and even outside of meals because I thought (past conditioning) if I don't eat now, God knows when I will have another chance to eat. I used to travel a lot in planes and would never refuse their snacks and meals. Again, not any more. I now easily refuse food, especially plane food.

If you wait too long and get too hungry, not only do you risk eating everything in sight without discernment, but what you eat will profit you double. The reason is that your body will shut down your metabolism and make the most of every scrap of food you will eat (and remember you are now out of control so probably likely to eat twice as much as when you are reasonably hungry) and store most of it as fat in your body. So it's a double loss situation (I know the expression win-win but is there one called loss-loss???).

The bottom line is: stop starving yourself. Make sure your body gets enough food at regular intervals. And if possible don't skip meals, particularly not breakfast.

Blessings of lightness

Anges de Lumiere

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