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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Bach flowers to the rescue

We probably don't realise how strongly beliefs hold us back on our journey of the slim soul. Two of the strongest beliefs that I have come across are: it's going to be hard work and I am not naturally slim (or I have a low metabolism). Beliefs are only thoughts we think are true. As long as we want to entertain them, they will be our unshakable reality. Nothing anyone says will touch them as we will ignore and sometimes not even hear what people say that does not fit with how we see the world. Personally I was plagued by both for a long time.

How do we get rid of unhelpful beliefs? If we are dealing with negative beliefs, I have found the Bach flower remedies to be of immense help. And so today, on my third day of the slim soul diaries, I am going to look into which ones would best help me right now to progress on my journey. We don't like to think we are negative people and so, sometimes, we repress our negative feelings but that does not solve the problem. All it does is pushing them underground into the subconcious and it is the subconcious that overides everything.

Dr Bach flower remedies offer a solution to this by realigning the personality with the soul in subtle but powerful ways that works much better than simple affirmations because they work at the level of the subtle bodies.

At this point in my life, I feel I need three essences: Sclerantus, Walnut and Star of Bethlehem.  Scleranthus because I have a very difficult decision to make about my daughter's education. Walnut because I just had a baby and am having to deal with huge changes in my life and body right now. Star of Bethlehem because me and my baby had to spend a traumatic seven days in hospital after her magical home water birth and I need healing. Bach flowers are very gentle and meant to be used as "self medication" essences. You cannot overdose on them and even if you were to chose the wrong ones, all that would happen is that they wouldn't "work" because the shift would not be needed. I could either take drops of each of these essences individually throughout the day or blend them into one little jar and take that blend throughout the day. It is usually best not to use more than seven essences at one point in time, so I am happy with my choice of three.

Blessings of lightness

Anges de Lumiere

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